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Essence Securities

Through a comprehensive plan to build a large middle office system in 2015, Essence Securities quickly started the road to digital information construction. Essence realized that it must further promote business digital transformation in order to benchmark with its advanced international counterparts and made it a strategic goal of the company.

The key step in upgrading the digital transformation of brokerage firms is the reshaping of customer experience. MOMOUX reconstructed a smooth and exclusive customer account opening process and experience for Essence, seamlessly connecting the online and offline service closure loop of Essence's large central desk, greatly improving the user business processing experience.

Deepening the promotion of digital transformation of business is a strategic goal for all securities companies
-Yanbing Xu, CIO and Director of Information Technology, Essence Securities
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Combined with “Systematic Experience Design
Thinking" to start scene visualization research
Stakeholders in Essence have different process optimization goals. In addition, most sales departments have problems such as cognitive limitations and process homogeneity, so it is urgent to meet the demands of multiple departments and reach a project consensus centered on user experience.
Different types of customers have different account opening procedures. B-side customers who mainly open accounts offline are limited by industry regulation, video recording, data collection and other factors, and are affected by business processes and processing experience from identity verification to agreement signing.
The offline account opening certification process involves multiple touchpoints, and the accompanying business processing restrictions lead to a poor user experience of the current operational process. Therefore, how to make the customer achieve a balance of experience, business and efficiency became a major challenge.
How to open up online and offline service channels to improve the efficiency of business processing?

Around the three different user roles extracted: ordinary individuals, special individuals, and institutional customers, four typical scenarios of VTM-assisted business processing are summarized and defined. For the corresponding design opportunity points, we reshaped a more intelligent, efficient and emotional user business process experience.

Optimize the development of a more flexible queue waiting mechanism

Simple personal business can be completed by self-service; complex personal business can be completed with assistance; Institutional account opening and account rollover salesmen, etc. can be completed by appointment.

Reduce channel switching for business process

C-side customers with identity documents can complete the account opening on the APP, while individual customers without identity documents and senior minors need to prepare relevant materials to go to the sales department for offline processing.

Upgrade data entry methods, optimize interactive controls and visual experience

We guided customers through the process by automatically identifying their type and creating a visual experience of the results to enhance correct recording, using clear templates to help customers confirm their decisions.

  • Automatic identification of customer types

    Guiding customers to operate

  • Visualization of results

    Improve recording accuracy

  • Simple and clear template guidance

    Help confirm decisions

Personalized services, intelligent recommendations that better understand customers

To better integrate into the project, we invited IDEAMAKE's decision makers and management to conduct a workshop. Through gamified interactive mechanism, we were able to create ideas on the existing workflow and customer service issues of IDEAMAKE.

  • Automatic continuation of cross-platform information to ensure that business processing is completed once

  • Intelligent reminders for related services, reducing user time costs

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