Automotive HMI

Haval SUV created an independent brand structure and became the third professional SUV brand after Land Rover and Jeep. In 2019, MOMOUX designed the cockpit digital experience for the Great Wall Haval H6 and Haval DARGO. Through research on the driving experience and analysis of competing products, we found that user expectations for easy-to-use and comfortable dashboards are rising. We made it a design principle to highlight the brand style and meet user expectations, so that the design quality matches the high-end SUV positioning.

Project Result
In July 2020, Haval DARGO was presented at the Chengdu Auto Show; in November 2020, it was presented again at the Guangzhou Auto Show; in 2020, Haval H6 and Haval DARGO were publicly launched as flagship models of domestic SUVs.
Design balance among brands, models and users
MOMOUX and Great Wall Haver Motors made it clear that the design value of HMI lies in providing owners with a comfortable, personalized and interference-free driving experience. How to establish a brand design language that meets the brand identity, model characteristics and user expectations became the focus of this cooperation.
  • Brand features

  • Model features

  • User expectations perspective

Diversified zoning layout
Diverse partitioning has the characteristics of extensibility, functionality and flexibility, which can adapt to the weight of different contents and also influence the division of contents between the smallest and largest partition. Partition size and partition content complement each other to ensure that the most complete functional information is displayed, while retaining the most core content.
Visual design strategy of “external and internal cultivation"
The HMI system can be seen as an extension of automotive design in the digital world, so we proposed a visual design strategy of "both inside and outside" to create a consistent brand experience shape inside and outside the screen. After analyzing the exterior and interior design of the new "Haval DARGO", we extracted key design elements and extended them to the HMI system to perfectly integrate with the interface information.
Instrumentation mode scenario
We proposed the design idea of "instrumentation mode scenario" to meet the needs of different user attributes. We designed three modes for the "Haval Big Dog" instrumentation: off-road mode, city mode and standard mode. The three modes are unified in terms of the general framework and basic information, while their respective contents are presented through changes in layout.
Central control module customization
After carefully analyzing the screen size of the "HAVER DARGO" and market vehicles, we developed a user-defined modular design strategy. Users can choose their favorite module size ratio and define their own exclusive center control style.
Create HMI platform ecology
We make the interface achieve the best visual effect while defining a unified visual design language, laying the foundation for the subsequent HMI platform ecology and helping manufacturers save production costs.

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