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COLMO is a high-end home appliance brand of Midea, dedicated to providing "AI technology compatible living experience". MOMOUX has collaborated with COLMO on the experience design of several products, and the COLMO Smart Oven is one of the benchmark high-end smart kitchen appliances.

MOMOUX has redesigned the digital interaction system of the COLMO series of ovens, optimizing both the usability and ease of use of the products and building a unique product design language for the brand.

Differentiated expression of brand experience
MOMOUX not only analyzed the user flow and concerns through user testing, but also analyzed the product information framework and visual highlights through product experience research in the market.
More intimate
operating experience

COLMO's uniqueness lies in meeting users' needs for a convenient, comfortable and smooth living experience by outputting a complete smart home solution. This requires the innovation of visual design with unified recognition, how to shape a unified visual language in line with this brand as the biggest issue of this project.

By comparison, the visual language design of the existing smart ovens is highly homogeneous with other brands. From the brand perspective, the attributes of the COLMO brand "AI intelligent qualities" are not visually explicitly conveyed.

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